Event Location: 
Saint Francis Lions Community Center
3476 E Howard Ave
Saint Francis, WI 53235
Saturday, January 29, 2022
Phone (For More Information Call): 
414 527-0468




The Council of Festival Committees will be hosting our 30th Annual C.F.C. Trade Show


  • WHEN: Saturday January 29 2022
  • TIME: 10:00am - 4:00pm


Who can attend?

  1. Anyone who is has an event in Wisconsin and is looking for great vendors for their event! If you are a current C.F.C. event member, you get in for free!! Non-members have to pay a minimal fee at the door.
  2. Any vendor who provides goods or services to events can purchase a booth space and be able to discuss, hand out information and possibly sign contracts with events.

What happens at this event?  Our event members come in and look for vendors that provide goods or services that will be helpful to their event's success. It is a great opportunity to have face to face communication with events and/or vendors! We also have access to the bar in the establishment for purchasing beverages and food. 


For more information please contact andreakisley@wisconsinfestivals.org  

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